Biden’s Climate Policies Playing Into Hands of China’s Energy Schemes, Experts Say

May 7, 2024

Kevin Mooney | Daily Signal


Energy, environmental, and foreign policy experts at a panel hosted by The Heritage Foundation voiced concerns over China’s “predatory” tactics in exploiting America’s climate initiatives to gain strategic advantages. They launched the “Chinese Handcuffs” initiative to delve into this issue. Despite the US having ample energy resources, the Biden administration’s climate policies may inadvertently empower China economically and strategically. China’s focus on dominating renewable energy and complex supply chains puts the US at a disadvantage. The panelists highlighted China’s dominance in solar energy, lithium batteries, and rare earth minerals, emphasizing the risk of US dependency. Suggesting a return to market-driven approaches, they urged reevaluating US energy policies to avoid such reliance on China. They criticized the Biden administration for hindering energy development and warned against becoming entangled in unrealistic climate policies, proposing a departure from the current green energy focus.

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