RICHMOND, VAConsumer Energy Alliance (CEA) released a report today detailing that a natural gas ban would cost every household in Virginia more than $26,000.

This year the Virginia General Assembly barely passed the Commonwealth Clean Energy Policy (SB 1284) on a party-line vote (21-18 Senate and 55-45 House) that states it is the Commonwealth’s energy policy to, “Lead by example in state government by supporting the carbon-free energy resources required to fully decarbonize the electric power supply of the Commonwealth, including deploying 30 percent renewables by 2030, realizing 100 percent carbon-free electric power by 2040, and achieving net zero emissions by 2045.”

The practical effect of this and other legislation adopted over the last two years is that natural gas may be banned from the market leaving Virginia consumers with fewer energy choices and higher energy prices.

The report, “The Hidden Costs of a Virginia Natural Gas Ban,” examines the impact of a natural gas ban if it were forced onto families and Virginians. Using open-source consumer data, CEA developed a cost calculator to provide an estimate of what a typical household in Richmond could expect to pay as a result of policies to ban natural gas service and use, depending on home configuration, appliances used and other factors.

CEA Vice President of State Affairs Kevin Doyle stated that, “With one in three Virginia households using natural gas for home heating, banning natural gas would be financially devastating to families…”

To view the report, click here. The Virginia Report is part of a series of CEA reports on the impact natural gas bans would have on states. For more, click here.


About Virginia Energy Consumer Trust
The Trust was established to amplify the voice of energy consumers living and working in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Trust is charting a new path forward toward energy justice where the principles of reliable, affordable, secure, and sustainable energy are equally assured for all Virginian consumers.

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