A Trusted Voice for Virginia’s Energy Consumers

RICHMOND, VA — The Virginia Energy Consumer Trust (“The Trust”) announced its formation today. The Trust’s mission is to educate and empower energy consumers to challenge the binary choice of supporting diverse and affordable energy resources or protecting the environment. Virginians overwhelmingly support reliable, affordable, secure, and sustainable energy. The Trust is the voice for all Virginia consumers that believe in energy justice and environmental stewardship equally.

The Trust will provide a clearer understanding of how energy markets, legislation, regulation, and executive action impact residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. The Trust will restore the voice of the Virginia energy consumer – the small business owner, the retiree, the veteran, the military family, the truck driver, the retailer, the home maker, the farmer, the production worker, the waterman, the dockworker, the programmer, etc. 

The Trust is also committed to clean air, clean water, and protecting the Commonwealth’s land that has been entrusted to us to preserve for the next generation. The Trust understands that managing these natural resources requires open, transparent, and data-driven decisions that embrace energy justice for all energy consumers. Energy is crucial to powering everything from our homes, cars, and schools to our businesses, national defense, and public infrastructure.

“Sadly, there is no better time to launch the Virginia Energy Consumer Trust,” commented David Hudgins, Executive Director. “It has taken the death of 111 Texans without power due to failed renewable energy infrastructure, the failed German energy policies of the last 20 years, and an economy disrupting cyberattack on the Eastern US gasoline critical infrastructure to remind consumers that affordable, reliable, secure, and sustainable energy requires resource diversity.”

The Trust has compiled a library of educational reports and videos on everything from Virginia’s Clean Energy Progress dashboard to the class struggle strategy for a Green New Deal. The Trust also announced that its next deliverables will be two campaigns to motivate consumers to political action: “Energy Justice” and “Electric-Only Economy Charges Too Much.”  The organization will also begin publishing the Virginia Natural Resources Scorecard that was previously published by the Council on Virginia’s Future.

Virginia residents concerned about energy reliability, affordability, security, and sustainability are welcome to join our team. Subscribe to receive our future communications and campaign updates here.

About The Trust

Virginia Energy Consumer Trust (The Trust) was established to amplify the voice of energy consumers living and working in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Trust is charting a new path forward toward energy justice where the principles of reliable, affordable, secure, and sustainable energy are equally assured for all Virginian consumers. For more about the Trust, please visit https://vaenergyconsumer.com/.