VECT Editorial, March 29, 2024

There have been many articles published recently on the free pass that EV’s are getting relative to generating funds for state and local roads, and infrastructure maintenance and growth.

One recently in Electrek titles ‘Pro EV New Jersey ok’d the US’s Highest Dumb EV Fee’, took an interesting perspective, but is clearly totally out of touch. NJ has established a $250 annual registration fee for EV’s, with four years payable up front, so $1000 at time of purchase. This fee will increase to $290 per year by 2028.

EV’s use roads, highways, and bridges just like hydrocarbon fueled vehicles. The data shows they enhance wear and tear on infrastructure due to their significantly higher weights. It is fair that owners of EV’s should help support the investment in our infrastructure in some form.

It is simple math that shows the NJ annual registration fee is fair and justified, and should be replicated in a similar form in Virginia. NJ gasoline tax is $0.423/gallon. For a vehicle the is driven 15,000 miles per year (typical average of all cars), the NJ state gasoline tax generates $254 per year (avg 25 miles per gallon).

Keep in mind that in NJ and other states, EV’s are exempt from sales tax, and can qualify for an IRA credit of $7500. How many more free give aways are necessary, with the burden put squarely on the shoulders of all other tax payers, whether federal, state, or local.

If you want to buy an EV, you have the freedom to make that choice, and need to contribute your fair share to maintaining and investing in our state’s road infrastructure. Virginia legislators need to take the fair and equitable steps in a fully transparent way to assess road use fees to EV’s as they exist for all other vehicles today.

The Virginia Energy Consumer Trust is a 501c 4 organization. We are advocates for Virginia’s environmental and conservation preservation and improvement, and policies to stay on this roadmap while fulfilling Energy Justice, energy affordability, a sound state economy, high quality job growth, an improved standard of living, and national security. All energy sources have their benefits and drawbacks, and we seek to have the optimum mix that supports our vision for our state. Our goal is to be a voice for Virginia residents and businesses with data and facts that are in all our interests.

David DelGuercio

Executive Director

Virginia Energy Consumer Trust

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